DAT Officially launches warehouse and Service Center spanning over 4000 m² in Ho Chi Minh City

In early January 2020, DAT officially commenced operations at its new Warehouse and Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City, covering a total area of 4000 m², including office space, storage, and service center. This warehouse marks the largest facility in DAT’s branch network nationwide, signifying a concentrated investment in infrastructure and reaffirming its position as a leading company in the Vietnamese market for VFD – Automation, Solar Energy, Elevator Control, and Power Energy.

The Largest investment acale in the system

Mr. Van Dat Tieu, General Director of DAT, shared: “DAT always operates with the philosophy of Cause and Effect and the motto “Satisfy Your Expectations.” All our efforts and dedication are directed towards building an ecosystem to enhance efficiency, maximize profits, and provide a competitive advantage for customers and partners in investment, production, and business activities. I am always concerned with the idea of doing better than what we have achieved so that customers feel satisfied and assured when mentioning DAT; that is our mission. The operation of the new Warehouse and Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City is a significant step for us to better fulfill that mission.”…

The new Warehouse and Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City has a total usable area of 4000 m², with the office area covering 1000 m² and the storage and service center area being exploited up to 3000 m². It houses a diverse range of products in DAT’s four business sectors, including Solar Energy Panels, Grid-tied Solar Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverters, Off-Grid Solar Inverters, Solar Pump Inverters, specialized aluminum rails, PV cables for Solar, electrical cabinets, solar power system accessories, various multi-purpose and specialized VFDs, medium-voltage VFDs, AC servo systems, PLCs, HMIs, regenerative braking systems, resistors and resistor coils, various noise filters, elevator control systems, UPS, and energy storage systems.

The new Warehouse and Service Center, along with the headquarters, Hanoi branch, and Can Tho branch, forms an extensive service network for DAT nationwide, contributing to raising the quality of services and laying the foundation for the company’s business expansion strategy in the near future.

Solar Panel Warehouse by Canadian Solar

INVT VFD Warehouse

Decision to invest in expanding the Warehouse and Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City is part of DAT’s plan to build a comprehensive value ecosystem, helping customers increase efficiency and showcasing the company’s long-term vision for the potential development of the Southern market in particular and the whole country in general.

The new Warehouse and Service Center is operational with nearly 100 staff members in various functional departments, including the Service Center, System Integration & Panel Building, Application Execution, Inventory & Warehouse Control, Sales Admin & Order Processing, and Logistics Team.

Technical Application Deployment Room

Satisfying customers is DAT’s mission

The dedicated area of the new warehouse, covering up to 3000 m², is equipped with modern facilities, advanced equipment, and an international standard warehouse management software system. The import-export of goods is convenient, ensuring the fastest and most convenient service for customer needs. Furthermore, the new Warehouse and Service Center also features a rigorous hygiene and security control system, 24/7 security surveillance cameras to ensure cleanliness, safety, and smooth operational activities.

DAT’s commitment to quality service stems from the desire to bring absolute satisfaction to every customer. Therefore, DAT continuously improves and expands its ecosystem, striving to enhance solutions, service systems, product quality, and supply capacity every day.

 Overview of the new Warehouse and Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City:
• Total area: 4000 m
² (Office area: 1000 m², Warehouse area: 3000 m²).
• Warehouse capacity up to 10 MW with a range of Solar Energy panels and tens of thousands of VFDs from 0.4 -1000 kW for VFD – Automation
• Facilities include: 3-4 story racking system arranged to standards, specialized forklifts, and a complete office and warehouse service system.
• Automatic fire prevention and firefighting system according to standards.
• Security system: Strict control with 24/7 remote surveillance cameras.
• Warehouse management using Barcode scanning system and SAP’s ERP management software.

New Warehouse and Service Center Address: 716/6 Nguyen Van Qua, Dong Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City.
 For more details, please contact: www.dattech.com.vn or hotline: 18006567