How to Wire and Configure INVT GD200A VFD?

This article from DAT will guide you on how to wire and configure parameters for GD200A VFD. Before you begin wiring or configuring VFD, please read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and adhere to safety regulations.

Wiring diagram for start-stop control of GD200A VFD:


Wiring Diagram for Start-Stop Control via Relay


To configure, read data status and change parameters for GD200A VFD, we use the keypad.


The control keys on keypad include:

cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h4109 Program key Enter or exit menus from the initial level and quickly change parameters
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h5109 Enter key Input or change values and confirm input/changes
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h6109 UP key Increase data values or adjust parameters
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h7109 DOWN key Decrease data values or adjust parameters
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h8109 Right-shift key Shift the displayed value when running/stopping or quickly switch to the parameter to be changed
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h9109 RUN key Start VFD when using Keypad mode
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h10109 Stop/reset key While running, this key can be used to stop the inverter; this is determined by P7.04.
When there is an error, press this key to reset the error.
cach-dau-day-va-cai-dat-bien-tan-invt-gd200a-h11109 Phím Quick The function of this key is confirmed by P7.02

General Function Parameters of GD200A VFD

The function parameters of GD200A VFD are divided into 30 groups (P00~P29) based on their specific functions. Each functional group consists of three menu levels: the function parameter group is at the first level (e.g., P00), the adjustment group is at the second level (e.g., P00.03), and the value setting group is at the third level of the menu (e.g., P00.03 = 50.00Hz).


P00.00 2 V/F Control Mode
P00.01 1 Select Run/Stop Command from Terminal
P00.01=0: Select Run/Stop Command from Keypad ( RUN / STOP key)                                               
P00.03 50.00 Hz MAX frequency, must be set greater than or equal to motor’s rated frequency
P00.04 50.00 Hz Upper frequency limit
P00.05 00.00 Hz Lower frequency limit
P00.07 03
P00.06 02 Select the speed reference source using an external potentiometer at AI2 input;
P00.06=00: Select speed reference source using keypad (6/5)
P00.06=01: Select speed reference source using potentiometer on keypad.
P00.11 Seconds Acceleration time (time from 0Hz to MAX frequency)
P00.12 Seconds Deceleration time (regenerative time from MAX frequency to 0Hz)
P01.18 0 Prohibit running if S1-COM is already connected when powered on
P01.18=1: Allow running if S1-COM is already connected when powered on
P04.01 2.0 % Start-up torque compensation at low frequency
P04.09 000.0 % Disable slip compensation for motor
P05.01 1 S1 Terminal Function: Forward operation
P05.02 2 S2 Terminal Function: Reverse operation
P02.01 kW Rated power of motor
P02.02 Hz Rated frequency of motor
P02.03 RPM Rated speed of motor
P02.04 V Rated voltage of motor
P02.05 A Rated current intensity of motor

How to Input Parameters

To input parameters according to the following flowchart:



  • The SHIFT key is used to change the display of the set frequency, motor speed, motor current intensity, etc. (The status lights correspond to the displayed data).
  • Reset parameters to the manufacturer’s defaults: P00.18 = 1

We hope that through this article, you have learned how to wire and configure INVT GD200A VFD. For any questions or support, please contact DAT via the toll-free hotline 1800 6567.

Additionally, DAT has a network of distributors nationwide. You can contact the one nearest to you. Our team of engineers will provide direct consultation and assist you in resolving your issues as soon as possible.