Why does VFD run normally for a while and then stop?

First, check if the “RUN” status light is still illuminated. If it’s off, the following reasons may apply:

  • The control signal to start VFD has been interrupted (control wires are disconnected or loose at control terminal).
  • The VFD has an error condition. If there is an error, VFD will stop, display an error code, and the “TRIP” light will illuminate.

To resolve this:

  • Check the control wires that start the VFD and tighten the control terminal connections
  • Refer to the error code table for troubleshooting
  • Contact the supplier for the best support


If the “RUN” light is still on, the issue may be one of the following

  • The VFD speed has decreased to 0
  • The motor is mechanically jammed or damaged
  • The control board is faulty

To address this:

  • Increase the VFD speed by adjusting potentiometer or pressing and holding UP button.
  • Check the potentiometer wiring
  • Address any mechanical jams or motor issues
  • Contact motor supplier for assistance