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Increase production efficiency thanks to the application of INVT inverter for wood pellet mill

INVT inverter controls the tablet press to operate stably and protect the machinery better. Our workers easily adjust the machine speed suitable to the input materials, ensuring that the machine runs out good quality products, meeting quality standards such as hardness, evenness, gloss, and not broken during transportation and export
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Rotary knife cutter operates stably, speed up to 120 m/min

Our rotary cutter system uses an INVT inverter that operates at high speed and is very accurate, cutting speed is up to 120 m/min, productivity increases as compared to before. The solution also helps us to manage orders very easily and quickly.
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Power saving solution for dust collection system

DAT's solution of using inverters for dust extraction systems helps enterprises reduce electricity by up to 20%, with a payback period of about 2 years. This solution helps the motor start soft, the fan runs at a lower mode, increasing the life of the fan.
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Increase efficiency 3 times for incense sticks making machine

GD20 inverter is commonly used by machine manufacturers to produce automatic incense making machines. GD20 operates stably and continuously in places with low power voltage at high speed, helping the system to produce beautiful, uniform products and increasing working efficiency by 3 times.
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Hoa Phat Steel uses INVT inverters to save 40% of power consumption

The GD5000 inverter provided by DAT well meets the technological requirements, bringing great energy-saving performance to Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock Company. The use of inverters to control fan speed in the production process helps us save up to 40% of power consumption compared to before.
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High efficiency thanks to the application of remote control solution for Jet dyeing machine

The solution of DAT Company very well meets the technology for the Jet dyeing system of Kim Thanh Hung company. INVT products operate stably, protect the motor of the machine when the fabric is stuck. In particular, the central controller is connected to the Internet, making it easy for us to diagnose errors and debug programs remotely.
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