EC20 Elevator Door Controller

The EC20 elevator door inverter is specially designed for the elevator door control. The EC20 is compact in size, has a user-friendly interface, and is easy to set up with just connection and operation. The EC20’s position-based acceleration and deceleration feature makes the elevator doors open / close quickly and smoothly.

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1.Technical specifications
Specifications Parameter
Capacity range  0.4 kW, 0.75 kW
 Power input
 Input voltage (V)  AC Single phase 220 V (-15%) ~ 240 V (+10%)
Input current (A)  6.5 A ( 0.4 kW ), 9.3 A ( 0.75 kW )
Input frequency (Hz)  47 ~ 63 Hz
Power output Output voltage (V)  0~ input voltage
Output current (A)  2.5 A (0.4 kW) , 4.2 A (0.75 kW)
Output frequency (Hz)  0 ~ 400 Hz
Controller properties Control mode  V/F (SVPWM), sensorless vector ( SVC )
Speed ratio  1:100
Speed fluctuations  ± 0.2% ( SVC )
 Torque response  < 20 ms ( SVC )
Torque control precision  10%
Starting torque  0.5Hz/150%
Overload capacity 150% of rated current: 60s;180% of rated current: 10s;

200% of rated current: 1s;

Control acceleration and deceleration In straight lines, curves
 Operation mode 03 modes with 07 speeds and corresponding acceleration / deceleration time

  • Speed ​​control by switch
  • Speed ​​control by distance, Encoder response and limit switch
  • Speed ​​control by distance, Encoder response and no limit switch
Peripheral interface Digital input 07 digital inputs NPN with NO / NC settable
With built-in safety input signal next to door (Photocell)
Digital output 01 open collector
output 02 Relay outputs 3 A / AC250V, NO / NC can be set
Communication CANbus high speed
 Encoder input  Encoder 12 VDC, maximum frequency 10 KHz
Time delay On and delay Off of digital input and output signals On / Off delay for each digital input and output signal, setting value from 0 – 50s
 Working temperature  -10 ~ 50oC
Standard  IP20
 Others  Dynamic brake Built-in
 Filter  C2, C3
Cooling mode Air cooling + automatic blower (fan stops according to set temperature)
 Closed mode and keep doors open Customize from 0 – 150% of motor rated current
Anti-opening function Ensure passenger safety in case the ladder has a breakdown or floor deviation
 Function to protect people and obstacles When the door is closed with sufficient resistance, the door will reopen automatically (the resistance value can be changed).
Torque compensation at low frequencies  0 – 20%
Operates on power supply
  • Automatically operates according to the existing door open / close signal before power on.
  • Door is in fully open / close position, when powering up without opening / closing command from the controller, EC20 will automatically switch to keep open / close mode.
Error history Save 06 errors, with clear error history such as error code, voltage, current, frequency, temperature, operating status when an error occurs

2. Table of capacity:

Model Capacity Input current Output current
EC20 – 0R4G – S2 0.4 6.5 2.5
EC20 – 0R7G – S2 0.75 9.3 4.2

3. Installation

a. Size

Wall mounting (unit: mm)
Model W1
Installation hole
EC20 – 0R4G – S2 80.0 60.0 160.0 150.0 123.5 120.3 5 M4
EC20 – 0R7G – S2 80.0 60.0 160.0 150.0 123.5 120.3 5 M4
Rail mounting (unit: mm)
Model W1
Installation hole
EC20 – 0R4G – S2 80.0 60.0 35.4 36.6 123.5 120.3 5 M4
EC20 – 0R7G – S2 80.0 60.0 35.4 36.6 123.5 120.3 5 M4

b. Select MCB, power cord, motor capacity

Rated current (A)
Motor Capacity (kW)
Input Output
EC20-0R4G-S2 1 pha 220 V 6.5 2.5 0.4 16 1.5
EC20-0R7G-S2 9.3 4.2 0.75 16 1.5



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  • Anti-opening, safety protection for passengers in case the elevator has trouble or when the cabin stops deviating from the floor.
  • Function to protect people and obstacles (when the door is closed with enough resistance, the door automatically opens).
  • Keep the door closed and keep the door open to prevent vibration / openings.


  • The EC20 comes standard configured with just connection and commissioning.
  • Compatible with ABZ push-pull or open collector output encoder.
  • Din-rail compact design saves space.
  • Advanced control terminal, friendly interface, easy to install and operate.


  • Features the acceleration / deceleration by position, making the door open and close fast and very smoothly.
    • Multi-level speed control according to position sensor and limited switch.
    • Control position by distance using Encoder with Switch limit
    • Control position by distance using Encoder without Switch limit.
  • Automatic function to learn the door travel width.
  • Integrate timers in all stages of control.
  • Receive open / close order and output relay signal to close and open the door.
  • Communication: CAN bus, MODBUS.
Flexible application
  • Compatible with many different types of doors.
  • Communicate with multiple lift control systems.

Control modes of inverter EC20:
EC20 has 3 control modes for main door:

  • Speed ​​control with 2 limit sensors and 2 deceleration sensors, along with 2 simulated reducer sensors in the inverter, helps the door operate gently when decelerating.
  • Position-based speed control with position feedback from the encoder motor and 2 limit sensors, makes the door operate fast, accurate and smooth.
  • Position-based speed control with position feedback from the encoder motor and no limit sensor, helps the door operate quickly, accurately and smoothly, saving costs.


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EC20 Elevator Door Controller